OCC (ohno continuous cast)



Also known as single crystal wire,  this is the wire of choice for audiophiles who want the best signal transfer and clarity.


Type 2 is the strand structure:  bundles of individually enameled strands twisted around each other. personally i think it adds to the deeper blacker background.


As far as the purity issue that plagues the cable industry, wires are fairly high purity to begin with BUT purity has nothing to do with sound quality according to neotech. Its within the OCC process they claim improvements are achieved by further cleaning/aligning the molecular structure.


I order custom strand counts and custom formulated PE insulation for each style of wire i use to make cables achieve their best potential. I developed my wires in order to provide top quality cables for each customers budget.


this is a generalization of metals effects.


copper:  most feel they add warmth and smoothness


spc: most feel it adds to mids-highs


silver: most known as “the king of metals” adds to clarity, details and sound stage more than copper or spc


personally i am a silver guy as getting older i want clarity.


note: each headphone and persons ears can help determine which wire can be more suitable.  certain headphones can be quote brighter while others more bass heavy. if they are bright then copper smooths it out. if they are more neutral or bass then silver helps it by adding more detailed clarity.


the wire manufacturer i use is the same as many other higher end cable makers. the difference can sometimes be in strand count, awg size or litz pattern.




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